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letra de the melancholy maze / my world intro - tech n9ne


[female voice]
you have entered the melancholy maze.
we hope you find your way.
[tech:] i’m in the bank now

[tech whistles]

[lady:] 60, 80, and one more makes 100
[man:] alrighty, thanks
[lady:] you have a great day
[man:] you too
[lady:] next in line, please
[tech:] yes
[lady:] sir
[tech:] yea, i would like to make a withdrawal
[lady:] ok. hey!! your aaron yates. i remember you
[tech:] yea, yea thats me baby thats me
[lady:] so what are you doing now a days
[tech:] uh, i’m a i’m a rapper. uh, strange music, you heard of strange music?
[lady:] yea, strange music “where bullsh-t ain’t nothing. i know
[tech:] ha ha, yea yea, thats it baby i w…
[lady:] i remember you being in the lunch room rapping and you used to beat on your chest at the same time.
i used to love that
[tech:] thank you baby, i…
[lady:] will you do it for me
[tech:] now baby, i’m really tryna get a, i’m tryna, i’m really trynna…
[lady:] please
[tech: (sigh)] ok check it i got something for you, check it out
tech freestyling and beating on chest:
yo, what up, situp get up
with us killers enough n-gg-s
to crush a lung
to bust your guts and liver
hit with ruger, now you living off in a river
watching this -rs-nist
while i spark a bit of my heart
and bark i’mma start this ####
( [man:] sir)
welcome to the bottomless pit
i know its h-lla dark in there
my world ( [man:] sir) is not like a regular life
we tote big guns instead of a knife
( [lady:] hey you can’t say that in here)
h-lla grim night
the devil is in flight
he said the baretta will get us what ever is in sight
you got a job, i ain’t got one
you got a wad, i got a shotgun
[shotgun ####### and people screaming]
you got a guard, i got a squad
you here to work and i’m here to rob
[shot fired]

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