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letra de sickology 101 - tech n9ne


(feat. crooked i, chino xl)

[bell rings]

[intro – chopped and screwed voice – talking]
hey, now everybody sit down and shut the f-ck up!
cl-ss is now in session
if you came here to hear that lovey dovey sh-t – get the f-ck out!
if you soft and scared of hardcore sh-t – get the f-ck out!
for those who love raw sh-t – welcome to sickology 101
your instructor for today is – tech n9ne!

[verse 1 – tech n9ne]
this is style i use pitch, to catch and seduce chicks
to signal the true sick, mellow tone is what you spit
switchin the pattern, bust out that quick midwest chatter
some people hate but it ain’t matterin, but the people gather, it’s flatterin
switchin the pitch, mixin, there’s no need to be stiff in this b-tch
spittin full clips on a mission for bliss when i be rippin this sh-t
make it excitin, got to be invitin when you’re writin your piece
never be d-ck ridin, if you’re goin to be bitin, you’re ignitin the beast
this is melodic, melodies, if you got it
mix it hot as tamales, you singin off-key is garbage
if you can’t keep an octave in a pocket, you need to stop it
have confidence, speak with conviction, don’t put ’em asleep when you rock it
this is harmony, nina’s taking you through it
make it b-ttery, utterly beautiful, make it fluid
sickology 101 is in session, i thought you knew it
we murderin motherf-ckers in music, that’s how we do it!

get! (on your feet!), up! (out your seat!)
get! (on your feet!), up! (out your seat!)
get! (on your feet!), up! (out your seat!)
such an oddity with it, this is sickology
get! (on your feet!), up! (out your seat!)
get! (on your feet!), up! (out your seat!)
get! (on your feet!), up! (out your seat!)

from our west coast instructor – crooked i (crooked i …)

[verse 2 – crooked i]
my killer daytons can keep me crushin the compet-tion
comin correct when creatin the crazy composition
cannibal character, calico carrier, got a crooked copper missin
cali killers on candid c-ck emissions
that was constant consonant wordplay
wordplay rhymes with thursday and thirsty – if i’m thirst-ay!
i change the pr-nunciation of words, per se
the english language got to do whatever my verse say
so if you want to learn to rap, this is how (this is how)
right now i’m puttin swag in my style (in my style)
it’s a emphasis on the simplest sentences
then i give ’em charisma with a laugh and a smile (and a smile)
if you want your verses to cost higher
then your similes got to be hot as a live wire
you need some better metaphors
for example, this song is a war zone and you listeners in the cross fire


from our east coast instructor – chino xl

[verse 3 – chino xl]
everybody start lockin their windows and doors, chino might get in
it’s like light-ning, how i’m strikin a triflin rifleman
bullets flyin up and i’m numbin the b-m, like it’s vicodin
so much metal in his spine, he could get rich from the recycling! (yeah!)
chino be curdlin blood, don’t get burned from the buzz
i speak with conviction, like what da brat just heard from the judge
bludgeon no love, industry hate me yo
i’d rather hear hannah montana, than half of you rappers on the radio!
startin drama with chino, god forbid
auction my lyrics on ebay, that’s god for bid
problem is lyric jesus is more than a man
with a sick delivery, like i drive a coroner van (d-mn)
i’m demented, spittin writtens as sick as i can
grenade grippin, fittin to detonate disneyland
i am teachin sickology, try to follow how every punch line hits
like chris brown’s fist in the face of rihanna


yes i got to be vicious, this is sickology

[outro – chopped and screwed voice – talking]
for those who don’t know what the f-ck’s goin on
this is sickology 101, you punk motherf-ckers!
hahaha, let’s kill these n-gg-z