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green screen with lyrics by: stash club (cover) - team shy guy



game boy cameraman:
well, what brings you here?
and more importantly
who are you running from?


game boy cameraman:
obsolete, incomplete
a defeated piece of software
those who run are treated
to a childhood of nightmares!

no expiration, i shall last
through limitations of the past!
i stick in your mind
embedded in the shadows
always watching!
secrets unbound, yet i remain!
when i was found
they screamed my name!
eeriest sounds inside thеir game!
leaving me еtched inside their brains!

through lcd, i form these memories!
it’s the green screen, ever calling still!

fueling my glee is a cold entropy!
of a good scare, of a few nightmares!

you don’t flee despite me
being so far and yet so near…
no future, no story left to tell
i remain unclear!

hear 19-note melodies!
chiming at once, secretly!
through obscurity, i remain
ever present, ever lurking!

you’ve faced foes everyone knows!
on your foolish, bit crushed journey!
joining the mix might be the trick
to be more than a memory!
yet, here’s my fate!
i’ve been forced to sit and wait
for a day like this to arrive
to once again feel this alive!
so thank you!

we’ve had our fun…
tell me, why do you run?



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