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letra de rat race - take heart


concrete jungle
towering buildings
packed with people
floor to ceiling

i see the homeless beg to the suits
an eye opener
a rotten truth

caught in the rat race
that so many live everyday
your life ain’t for me
i won’t live that way

remove the masks and we’re both the same
we just see a little differently
you got a list of golden dreams
do what it takes to make it reality

don’t go burning bridges
or cutting people’s throats
to get a step ahead
because you’ll end up alone

this life is way too short to make those enemies
or get tunnel vision and live the life of greed

i’m not an empty sh-ll
i won’t just drift through
and i am adamant to get where i’m going to

i take pride in where my trust lays
free of those who discriminate
no more back stabbers
just true binds
this is my balance my piece of mind

your opinion won’t change what i see
i don’t judge you so don’t judge me
this is a world of dishonesty

so don’t buy in
don’t be a fool
a level head could very well save you

from a life that you hate
or a person that you despise
your worst enemy
could very well be inside

take a step back from life
and let your heart heal
because with honesty
these dreams just might be real