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letra de equivalence - tagglyne


[verse 1]
hey, is it makavelli or machiavelli (rest in peace!)
when’s the baby due or can i mock your belly
never mind, just put this in your mouth, akinyele
i’ve prepared some meat for you, pretend it’s from a deli
love to poke you with my spokes like your ass is felly
i dive in face-first with any girl even if it’s often smelly
‘cause we all die at the end, anyways (boy!)
shout out to don coscarelli
health update, lost some wеight, i’m looking thinner than vermicelli
but i’m still obstinatе and pr-ne to violence like ashley spinelli
d-ck hard like buns brown, your p-ssy soft like belly
but even i don’t really think i’m ready for beyonce’s jelly
gotta try and make it on my own like joe garrelli
but i already know, for sure
i won’t achieve fame during my lifetime like percy sh-lley (who?)
f-cking read a book for once, kid, turn off the telly
free the prison of your mind, just get off the celly
i’m ’bout to p-ss off with another line like robert kelly
you ain’t surviving every time, even if your boots are wellie
i know it’s hard to hear
my music is the opposite of easy listening
i eliminate opps using my operatives
during my niece’s christening
i’m such a pr-ck
it’s like you can audibly hear my p-n-s thickening
watch out below, i’ve got some s-m-n to throw
it must be cumming from the mezzanine

[verse 2]
once, i had an ounce of fetty, had to renounce, i’m petty
used to be putty in your hands, now i’m a bouncin’ betty
the more you give to me, the more i’m jean paul getty
make money hand over fist unless your f-cking palms are sweaty
i’m the cure to crime like marion cobretti
loyal and short-tempered, though, like tommy vercetti
but still gotta stay calm and steady, armed and ready
even if i tend to go fast like mario andretti
make sweet chin music for marty jannetty
celebrate with a food fight, so i throw confetti
coiled spaghetti, try to be a nice guy like eddie
but the worst cop on the force, chief, it’s, of course, manetti
who else do i wanna f-ck, f-ck, f-ck?
gotta make a mental list like amanda righetti
well, that’s just my luck
you don’t know who i’m talking ‘bout, okay, whatevy
drove my chevy to the levee but it had dried already
unlike a girl’s poon, i keep it sl!ck with a l!ck like a moistened jetty
p-ssy like brigadoon, amnesiacs on my d-ck, just in case y’all forgetty
so call up letty, so we can get it on while we’re both on a settee
i want her taco in my mouth ’cause she’s the f-cking bomb, machete
my sentences tend to run on and on
’cause i’m both cheech and chong with a bong
rolling blunts bigger than king kong
with b-lls bigger than ping pong
but the weed’s too strong
i think it was agatha all along
hope i’m not wrong
i haven’t seen it in so long
but i’ll find out for sure before my next song is ready
i compare myself to so many things saying i am the equivalent (equivalent)
but all this braggadocious posturing is making me ambivalent (ambivalent)
that’s why the only songs i can seem to write are a little too virulent (virulent)
then again, my rogue’s gallery could fill an asylum
so i need to stay vigilant (i’m batman!)
don’t even got time for a mic check, one, two
sibilance, sibilance, sibilant
got the strength of five guys, burgers and fries
so i don’t need you two to be magnificent