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letra de think of me - t4 choyce, j raven


(verse 1 – j raven)
3 in the morning, you hit me up
crying over something he prolly did
you tell me your man is a menace
tell me bout all of those girls he be s-xting up
i know you’ve always been a flower girl
blooming in the dark, yes you are
your hood is full of deadbeats like him
you just trying to do better
than all of your girls in the hood
and you think i’m your way out girl
but you got it all twisted
i’m an only fun weekend
girl i’m so wicked, so complicated
you ain’t ready for someone like me
i think it’s just better if we f-ck on the low
lovе yange mpewo
metеr ya love yakirira mpaka ku zero
siri your hero
love ya telemundo nze mutima nzijjude nziro
oli kimuli ekigwana okuk-mwa
nze ndi njuki, i only need your nector
i got my honey, girl
i already got me a lady

(verse 2 – t4 choyce)
i know your heart is tender baby
and if i could you know i would fix it
you get me staring at your body
you get me wishing that i could keep yah
this love is dangerous
you put me in positions
it’s so hard to play it like you
you got me sinning
you’re freaky and nasty
hard to believe all your tears
you claim he’s doing you dirty
but then you f-ck me like it’s your last girl
it’s not so fair
not that i care
i just wish that you don’t count me in your life yet
i might not be the type of guy to trust your heart with
i like it when you call me and it’s just to f-ck
you should keep these feelings to yourself girl

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