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letra de black philosophy - t.r@bb


[intro: t.rabb]
i’m getting my locs crocheted in a foreign state
audi q8 with the longest plate
i gotta check my shoulders n-ggas die at day
wrote this in a condo watching castaway
it ain’t rap its black philosophy
i am what i think

[verse: t.rabb]
i stood tall as christ the redeemer
i need the cobra on golden alpinas
atomic bombs couldn’t alter my sleep i’ma dreamer
we can build and elevate any place that they leave us
they tried to brainwash us and erase our culture
tried to break our will with illicit torture
how they turn the strongest kings to the strongest slaves
or did the truth never change no cracking the structure
cult leaders like pythagoras
built a collective to beat the averages
gave the poor shade in the hottest summers
told us don’t the break the bread just worship the numbers
when your vision gets blurry try a different angle
they say god weaves a tapestry that never tangles
got strong enough to catch a falling angel
when you redefine yourself they could never name you
when you redefine yourself they could never tame you
{outro: t.rabb]
i’m getting my locs crocheted in the golden state
fisherman’s wharf with a haitian date
never been a fan of seafood but the shrimp was great
came a long way from 2 for 20 sharing plates
no illusions this what it gotta be
i am what i think that’s my reality