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letra de 1:19 am - t murray


chasin’ stars and i landed here
my soul hasn’t been free yet
my soul spoke the other night, and i listened
been hidin’ for too long it’s time to glisten
been fake playin like i ain’t got it in me
tring to humble myself cuz i’m feeling frilly
do you remember what you told me the other night? i contemplated on it, it wasn’t right
humility and love make the world turn, but what i found in you only made my heart burn
empty souls play h-lla roles on getting gems
and my diamonds are often tainted by the image of what i thought you were
you one of them, clout chasin’ -ss motherf-ckin’ friends, look
hold on to your peace love, they only want one thing love
listen to your soul love, listen

maya angelou verse

there’s a place in you that you must keep inviolate, you must keep it pristine clean, so that n0body has the right to curse you or treat you badly n0body
no mother, father, no wife, no husband
n0body, because that may be the place you go to when you meet god

home runs don’t mean sh-t if there’s no substance
empty acts only lead to empty facts
i’m onto something better than that, freeing my soul lifted by mother nature
i am here having found nothing greater
plaster my name on your walls, not just the ones on the outside
too cold, i live for the inside
and if you play that back you’ll understand what i’m really tryna say
playin tuck ties your mental is my way
and if you down then let’s play, if you down then let’s play
too grown to ignore the fire that grows between us
two educated souls on planet venus
capture this moment in your mind and rewind that b-tch back in time every time you hear my
reminisce on this moment to replay that thang
i said reminisce on that moment to replay that thang
do you remember the things that we did?
i’m sure you do i suppose that’s why i see your grin
imitating and faking like i ain’t the
truth, just to control the flow of my powerful view
of myself, cuz when you hold your head high and walk around with confidence not shy
people wonder why you not like them
but you can’t go around trying to break down people that are sure of themselves because you condemn
stop hatin’ , it don’t look good on you
that sh-t don’t look good on you