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stand up - t.i.


(feat. lil jon, lil’ wayne, trick daddy)

stand up
if you don’t like what i’m saying then buck
swing when you see me we can throw them hands sucker
stand up
if you didn’t notice n-gg-, i don’t give a f-ck
if i said it then i meant it and what f-ck n-gg-
stand up
you don’t want to see the triggerman bust
hit you and your mans up, make it hard for n-gg-z to
stand up
tell your crew they don’t want it with us dude
and if them motherf-ckers do, bust a motherf-cking move
stand up

[verse 1: ti]
you got an alligator mouth and a hummingbird -ss
your mouth writing checks that your -ss can’t cash
145 and i’m out of your weight cl-ss
want to survive, you better scramble like eggs and break fast
cause i know how to handle your fake -ss
i’m a ride on you and hide you in yesterday’s trash
pull up in the chevy’s spraying rounds through the gl-ss
see you laying face down in the gr-ss and i’ll laugh
ha, cause that’s the end of the saga
the end of my problems, n-gg- mash the impala
go lay up with a model and watch the news tomorrow
and that’s the end checkmate, game over, i’ll holler
pimp, telling you partner, you don’t know what you’re doing
or recognize the trouble you getting in to and you’re ruin
and dig this man
i spent my childhood in a wild hood
and all that gangster sh-t you talking, yeah, it sound good
but make it understood
you gone have to show me, i’m a og
you want to overthrow me


[verse 2: trick daddy]
dearly beloved, we’re gathered here today
to marry this young n-gg- in his own special thug way
do you promise to love and respect all of the real n-gg-z
and when a problem come, learn to deal with ’em
do you swear to turn this chopper
on any motherf-cker in your path, or the b-tch that’s trying to stop ya
or do you promise to keep him handy
and don’t hand him to n-body, n-body except family
and keep him c-cked and loaded and don’t expose him to no body
unless somebody, who want him in his body
to love and cherish and from this trigger to a barrel
from the bottom of your heart
’til death do you f-ckin’ part
do you understand to live, to lie by him
is to share your soul, lord knows, you gone die by him
i know you heard gun stories about john wayne and billy the kid
sh-t, all them motherf-ckers dead
and did you know that every other b-tch from the wild, wild west
end up dying from hollow points to they f-ckin’ chest
cause i ain’t never seen a c-ck beamer meant for a team of tummy guns
with a hundred round f-ckin’ drum


[verse 3: lil’ wayne]
sh-t, i’m talking about riding out tonight
only way i die first, got to kill me in this verse
weezy f middle finger to life
so nothing seem critical in the hood i’m typical
yet i’m feeling good and spiritual
healing hoods with this sh-t up out my kitchen
i’m pitching that it’s really good
smoking, drinking, i’m like a fish
and i’ll probably sh-t on ya b-tch
probably p-ss on her lips and she probably give you a kiss
nasty, holly grove cl-ssic
polly wood a n-gg- probably robbed the same b-st-rd
ask him
we don’t give a f-ck about a casket
n-gg- this the murder campy
n-gg-z is murder happy
12 years old, i jumped off the pot
i started selling rock right after i got shot
i had to hold my weight down
p-ssy n-gg- stand up or lay down