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hell you sayin - t.i.


feat. ggy azalea, young dro & travi$ scott


all we really know is keep pimpin’, all we do is get fly
vvs shine the sun outside
somebody tryna tell you hustle gang ain’t getting to the money tell that n-gg- he a m-th-f-ckin’ liar
n-gg- h-ll you sayin’? n-gg- h-ll you sayin’?
f-ck you thought? f-ck you thought?
n-gg- h-ll you sayin’? n-gg- h-ll you sayin’?
f-ck you talkin’ bout? f-ck you talkin’ bout?
n-gg- h-ll you sayin’?

make it rain there, it’s a drought for you
yall ain’t cruise at my alt-tude
i’m a boss b-tch, i let you spread the rumors
yea you talkin sh-t but now that’s true
million dollar miss, get my money pilin
all love to the hate it’s like 1000$
and i go on it like a broken faucet
on a lean loud gonna have some projects
in the though, makin bank deposits
crazy money, insane deposit
balls chased, got a text file
and i blow the rest, my money set shoppin’
amsterdam, germany and higher
changin’ yo coat into the dollars
and tell yo b-tch that this boss sh-t
where the pimps at? no tramps at

i’m talkin’ money, ya ain’t got it ain’t nothin
i’m on the grind shinin’ like the elevator boy
i’m on the top n-gg- list, call me el hunned
you got a bad b-tch? i gotta have that buddy
broke? n-gg- please, you can have that, buddy
yo n-gg- say he doin’ numbers, where yo math at buddy?
i’m in this m-th-f-cker, sucka can’t unplug it
f-ckin m-th-f-ckin’ loud, try takin’ something from me
b-tch i’m plugged to the mac, panned up for a pack
take it back to the trap, make it jump right back
break it down and i don’t sell quarters of those
if i ain’t got it on me get some mo at the sto’
i know 1000 m-th-f-ckin’ n-gg-s in the city
say true bout you, shawty anybody get it
supposed you get throwed by trap by 80
just know hustle gang get a h-ll lot n-gg-


we got them n-gg-s over that deal
coupe benz, no roof, i’m way out here
new shoes, you ain’t got that perrier
you ball late, cut me on cus i have that
push it in the driveway, tryna fix it out back
i had this big marathon and she ran that
loud that, alphabet where i carried that
killed her with the pole then let her hang out back

f-ck them, see i’m hoppin out of foreign cars
i’m a born star and i’m a p-rn star
i catch you slippin with triggers and really hit a n-gg-
by myself, i ain’t gotta go get a n-gg-
track biggie, on track verbally killin n-gg-s
sick flow, might need penicillin n-gg-
i do the impossible like i ought to do
and yall p-ssy n-gg-s smaller than a molecule

i left my p-ssport overseas
you ain’t get dark after 3
never leave the house unless i’m off of three
always leave the show with something soft to squeeze
take a little dab of this, a little drag of this
then she reached down my pants grabbed my sh-ggy d-ck
leave that muthef-cka home covered in my kids
she bossin
get this grip straight flossin
smoke the piece with little coffee
fresh as h-ll, no coffin
i let her talk the sh-t
leave the crib, can’t walk the sh-t
buck the dome, milwaukee sh-t
mind so big getting lost and sh-t
bossin, hit the club they hear caution
drunk as h-ll feelin noxious
high as h-ll, eatin commas
i’m ronjy, yo n-gg-s rock givenchy
i ain’t gotta say i ain’t gotta a way
i ain’t gotta pay cus you know it don’t cost me