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letra de at the bar - t.i.


bartender i really did it this time
broke my parole to have a good time
when i got home it was 6 a.m.
the door was locked so i kicked it in
she was trippin on the bills,
i think she was high on some pills
she through my sh-t out into the yard
then she called me a punk and slapped me real hard
and in my drunken stupor i did
what i should of never done
now i am sitting here talking to you
drunk and on the run

i sittin at the bar on the inside waiting on my ride on the outside
she broke my heart at the trailer park so i jacked her keys to her f-cking car
and crashed that piece of sh-t and stepped away

you know moe, i’ll probably get ten years
so just give me beers until they get here
yeah i know the sun is coming up
and yall are probably getting ready for closing up
but i’m trying to drown my soul
i am tired of this life on a dirt road,
and everything that i love is gone
and i’m tired of hanging on
she got me sittin at the bar


guess it was meant to be romance
is misery so much for memories
and now i am heading to the penitentiary
see me on tv the next cop series
i am a danger i guess i should have did something about my anger
but i never learn, real things i don’t concern
i pour kerosene on everything i love and watch it burn
i know it’s my fault but i wasn’t happy it was over
she threw a fit so i crashed that piece of sh-t

and now i am going back again
back to the pen to see my friends
when we all pile up on that county van
they’ll ask me where i’ve been
i’ve been at a bar on the inside


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