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letra de billy the kid - synlakross


bang-bang! bang-bang!

new gunman in town
a hat hiding a young face
he got an infectious smile
bluish gray color on his eyes

tonight, rustler’s moon shines bright again
brave yourself
tonight take your gun and winchester
defend the place

billy the kid
alive, legend on west
wild rebel waiting for revenge
history whispers your name
wild rebel waiting for revenge

the cruelty of the world modeled him
the punishment had wrath within

bang-bang! bang-bang!

with every murder of his loved ones they unleash the beast
creating a monster with an excuse to k!ll

billy the kid, billy the kid, billy the kid

he looks like a cowboy with his heavy boots with spurs
the girls of the saloon find him handsome
perhaps they don’t see all the blood that he left behind
with all the murders but he doesn’t looks like a criminal

bluish gray color on his eyes
he really got an infectious smile
that’s for sure, he doesn’t look like a criminal