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letra de extacy - syleena johnson


come on in baby, close the door
come on in here and close the door
tonight’s the night in which we will explore
all the little parts of the body that one can miss
all the little parts of your body that i can kiss
do you know how i want you so bad
well tonight i’m going to show you
loving like you have never had
come a little closer now and let me show you what i mean
let this body of mine addict you like nicotine
don’t you want to be a fiend
put you hand right there
and the other hand there, yes hold on tight yes
that’s just right now feel me
oh let’s go down on the floor
now let me touch you in all those places
till you can’t take no more
tell me how good it is and how much you want me
as i send your body into complete and total extacy

[chorus (x2):]
i want to love you baby, i want to squeeze you baby
i want to rub you body, let me please you baby yes
let me take you higher my body is on fire
come on make love to me send me to extacy

do you like it, yes i know you do
now rap your arms around my thights
and kiss the lips between the two
tell me now it it good and how much do you want me
as i send you body
into complete and total extacy