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letra de under the sea - swerzie


m-th-f-cka thought it was a game
rotten life, i always stay the same
y’all be folding and giving out these names
enemies, i see through cc frames
i don’t change, hoes never talk to things
i make cash and put on for my gang
icy rotten go out with a bang
pressing me, this ar finna sing
i ain’t never [?]
we got issues, i’ma make the trip
when i pull up, you better not go dip
i ain’t banging, but i stay with crip (ayo!)
leave you flatter than a f-cking chip
test me, your fam gon’ be spelling rip
it’s a glock .19 i keep equipped
you better know that b-tch come with a grip

i’m off a percocet inside the function
i’m off a percocet inside the function
i’m off a percocet inside the function
i cannot function but you know it’s gunning
try me, i’ll show you just why that’s a dumb move
i never go anywhere without muscle
a plus 3, a plus 4, a plus 5, a plus 6
he turn you to sushi, i’m walking with chopsticks

[verse 2]
i know some feats catch a body for fetti
move around so much, i should work for fedex
i let it spray like some f-cking confetti
i’ma turn his whole body to f-cking spaghetti
that boy, he nervous, he start getting sweaty
i pour a 4 up inside of a yeti
you is a b-tch, go ‘head, come on, admit it
i get my bread and you start acting petty

you is a b-tch, yeah it ain’t hard to see
try me, i’m taking you out in your sleep
white boy he shooting, he throwin’ up cs
little mermaid, hide you under the sea