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letra de breathe - sweet e.t


made a single for the tingles
and to make you wiggle
does it tickle just a little
now you’re feeling crippled
gotta get up
feeling so f-cked
got it lit up
you needing a blunt
these feelings are appealing
no shame
walls pealing no concealin’ are you illing
with pain
saw children on hills when i was feeling
those days
now chilling popping pills while there’s a k!lling
can’t ignore it so euphoric
when the spore hits
it’s important to adore it
love and passion is the reason for it
can’t explain it rearrange it
to a different state thеn
i was laying away pass away and
took a kind of patience
lost in thе coffin
now i really see why the shame is often
so bought in
to the ways of crossing
now i’m really f-cked in the game i’m tossed in

last breath
upset regret sunset come death
didn’t understand the time that’s left
soul would like rest
so enlight me best
didn’t know it till showed and i took the steps
oh man sold to romance
low man flow d-mn its a snowman
show man
choke slam
i’m the dope man with the coke van
take a f-cking joke man
and stick it down your throat glans
gotta set it off i caught the cough too
lotta dead who sought to talk and walk
but imma bet it all results in the flu
cause imma hit it off like golf in ’02
tiger woods b-tch