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letra de trust me - swans


i can turn back the hands of time
and tell your fortune to the nearest dime
i can make you believe everything that
i want you to

so let me give you some free advice
there are people out here who won’t
treat you so nice, they’re just biding
their time ’til they can get a clean shot
at you … what can you do?

you’ve got to trust me baby
it will be alright
love and trust me baby
everyday and night
if you can’t trust me
how can i trust you

fast, fast talkers try to steal your heart
with facts and figures but they’re not so smart
they run circles around you but
runnin’ is all they can do.

but i know what it means to stay alive
i know how to fall and still survive
and if you need somebody to teach
all these secrets to you
here’s what to do