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letra de nothing - sunfall (uk)


it’s not about indifference
it’s about self-respect
do not neglect
all the things you knew you wanted from the start
you can trust your mind
pick yourself up and look inside

entitled f-cker think you know what’s best for me
an enigmatic sense of greed, on your own mind it will feed
and i still don’t know what’s going on
a false optimism instilled in me the day that i was born

there was a promise, that your life wouldn’t be the same
it wasn’t honest, gotta find a way to dig myself up

you couldn’t promise sh-t
you f-cking hypocrite

how am i supposed to feel?
watching every second of this world’s perfection
compared to what i see as real
how can i make an exception?

how am i supposed to feel when i’m trapped
cause i can’t be real when my mind begins to crack
attack me with your false heart
hit my life to kickstart
tear me apart
you talk a lot of sh-t
for someone who can’t quit

this world doesn’t owe you sh-t
and you don’t owe nothing at all

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