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letra de too late - summrs


this year i want a wraith
she must think i got [?], cause this b-tch tryna be safe
well you came too late
i’m tryna get to my [?], until i went mia
[?] baby, wanna sip all day?
i’ll give you the keys baby, [?]
smoking my way, [?]
gotta get away, move out of state
i ain’t got time to play (i ain’t got time to play)

buy you yves saint laurent, these girls just want to have fun
they say i got caught without my gun
these n-ggas my sons
keep shaking that dun-dun-dun

back for me, [?]
to the edge of the bed, go head show me your cat walk
you get a lil shy, ima turn my camera off
n-ggas [?] hot sh-t, so i’m just like play ball
ima show you some hot sh-t, like we in the playoffs
high as a kite on thе muhf-ckin’ carpet, baby take your clothes off
[?], yеah that’s all
tell them bum n-ggas back off
[?] baby that’s all
cause you too bad for them
if a n-gga pulling up, i’m just gon clap it all
(bird bidness, bird bidness, bird bidness)

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