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letra de 2turnty - summrs


f-ck outta here, artist

[verse 1: yeat]
yeah, turn up on his ex, i’m leaving the earth
i just like to flex, i’m doubling my percs
i just walk by the tonka, i just ran over the curb
i just be sippin’ on [?]’ i just be sippin’ on dirt
b-tch who like to get lit, she want me to take off her skirt
i just took a ten to a [?]
going up, so they put me on the toilet
i just went and bought dior cause i afford it
[?] outside, sitting on forgy’s
bet i do, you old head, you in your forty’s
i’m sipping on wock, you sippin’ on forty’s
we put up our glocks, we put up our torches
[verse 2: summrs]
we stalking out, [?] we catch him, we getting him started
my diamonds be shinin’, my diamonds be shinin’, they gorgeous
i popped a pill last night and i’m still high in the morning
my bad so bad, a motherf-cking foreign
you see that b-tch? it’s a motherf-cking foreign
yeah, gotta f-ck with me, but you cannot ignore me
balenci’, chanel, dior, you speak jordan
okay i’m with a b-tch
a lil f&n, shoot up [?], but it [?]
i told you n-ggas that i’d be [?]
i don’t give a f-ck if a n-gga pull more views than me, that sh-t be rigged
i need ten thou’, i need ten thou’, i need ten thou’, i forget
i was right up in that n-gga face when he [?] me, how the f-ck did he miss?
got me percocet’s 30 and amg, i’m high as a b-tch
i know these n-ggas be mad at me, when i flood my wrist