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letra de 007 - summrs



don’t even gotta shoot, give that b-tch to bell
walk in, ysl, they say what’s the smell?
i’ve been kickin sh-t, know that you can tell
summrs 007, ring a bell
high up off this gas, baby girl i’m ???
sippin on this lean, bae i need some help
i don’t even skate, but i’m on the rail
that mean i’m on my grind, know that you can tell
that b-tch down to earth like a spider
and i’m in that spider
sh-t can get lit, just like a lighter
he say he get high, baby girl i get higher
he think he get fly, baby girl i get flier
off of this lean, got me moving slow
???????, when i’m in the mode
my pockets they stay fat, fat then a hoe
walk right up in neiman, like give me those
tatted on my neck, it attract the hoes
she just want the s-x, yeah i’m hip i know
and her p-ssy pink, pepto bismol
smoking on this gas like the sicko
and this coupe fast man that b-tch go
f-ckin on her sister man that kinfolk
hit it from the back like them d