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letra de the invoking - suffocation


the world in which we live has been plagued by the essance of the
murdering had become a daily ritual.
the able – bodied minds of the world try to solve the problems.
with their pathetic solutions.
as long as the underworld has the upperhand, nothing will be solved.

i believe that which has been done to you should be done to others.
kill the man who invades your world.
violent acts of nature.
have uplifted the roots of the earth.

disasters which have not been seen for decades.
have surfaced to a place which one was free of woe.
it’s now filled with death and killing.
there is no cure.

we will soon be punished for what we have done.
i await the moment, i am prepared.

there will come a time in life to take control.
to protect thyself and my own.
i will kill if need be.

society feeds on each other as prey.
i will not become a victim, rather a predator if needed.
human life means little, little to me.

if you lash at me you have chosen your fate.
life as you know will cease to exist.