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letra de seraphim enslavement - suffocation


the sedated state
thought once to be blissful turns to h-ll
in the flesh
existence now abysmal
suicidal thoughts consume
state was chosen from the womb
escape through death the only way

a chance to go back
to what was before
begin at the end
and leave behind the suffering
so much chaos
hatred now appeasing
the essence of the soul
enslaved by ignorance
your vessel is now a tomb
you are divine
a seed
a seed of thе darkest light

there is a way
for you to bе free
ending this pain
and misery
just slit your throat and bleed out
bleed out for me
death is not something to fear in this life
you are a slave
manipulating reality
visions of deceit
plaguing your sanity

i know it is hard to accept
this seraphim enslavement
this is your fate
to embrace the final moments
amongst the living

it is written so it shall be
this is your destiny

now feel the warmth come over you

as your precious essence drains
gaze in my eyes and listen to me
you’ve been deceived
i heard you pray
i’m not your god
i came for your souls



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