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letra de trust - stringstorm


impatient, cause i’ve been forced to take it slow
i’m not the sort, who’d sit back and go with the flow
but despite the struggles, and my purpose will be all worth it
when i’ve held you close in my arms
consider me charmed by your love

i’ve made my home in the shadows, but i can’t hide it away
so many tricks & lies
my lips have made, so many plans to lead to you one day

i have plotted situations
i have tested motivations
life with you will be my greatest machinations
every plan i’ve made as a grain of an hourglass
it feels like more than an eternity’s come to pass
if you give me all your trust, you can have all of my love
and if i’m somewhere you can’t follow
i swear it won’t stay that way
through all the complications and the pains, i’ll bear the burdens so one fates will never stray
i will never abide their discourse to them, i will never implore
to be with you is my one and only purpose

my promise to you on your endless nights and days
never letting go our bodies wrapped in hot embrace
if there is still the pain to come, i’ll endure it all for us
to you i succumbed