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letra de hogtied - stringstorm


there’s something special ’bout the ones that just don’t break
the ones who push the limits of what you think a man could take
there’s nothing i prefer, to digging in my spurs
i love that bucking bull feeling i can’t put into words

hog-tied and at my mercy, just like you deserve
how does it feel to know that i’m the only one you’ll serve?
so go and test the binding, while i watch you from above
but don’t resist the iron, when i brand you with my love!

on ya knees, on ya knees!
get down and bow before me!
wanna see you scratch and claw, your fantasy; my reality!
don’t ya tease, don’t ya tease!
fight back and writhe against it!
take what you want – because i never wanna hear you say “please”!

bruises on our necks
put the bullwhips away, i guess you’ll have to give me a raincheck

and i feel you giving in
the world’s a rodeo, and i wanna give this ride another spin

said it doesn’t matter – make it up to me anyway
let’s fall in l-st and do away with these romantic cliches
tell me you really need this, give me the word and i’ll do what i can
to take you past the feeling, that you thought it couldn’t get better than
i’m a girl of my word, i keep a standard, keep you honest
if you keep faithful, we’ll keep keeping on, and that’s a promise
don’t try and b-tter me with flowery words, the mood is spoiling
if you want something, then bite down; go on, get my blood boilin’

you sure know how to treat a lady
the room is burning up, you’ve got me feelin’ hazy

now don’t you be getting lazy
if you thought i was done, then you’re just thinkin’ crazy