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letra de ask and receive - stringstorm


whenever something makes me smile, i get the weirdest feeling of deja vu
what’s the point of being happy alone?
i want you to see it, too!

there’s so much good out there to find
so i’m gonna pay it back, in kind!
i wanna give you things that make you laugh and shine, and make you feel happy all the time!

i wanna spread it around, i wanna have all there is
if the fun’s not for all, is there a use for it?
it’s not about what you want, it’s all about what you need
so just trust my guarantees!
i shout out a laugh by myself, and it’s carried away by the breeze
i rub my hands and i smile, as the wind carries away the unease
a joy like this deserves to be shared
wouldn’t you agree?
so i want you to stay in my sights, and share it with me

with you here by my side, there’s never lonely nights
as if our hearts were entwined, there’s only one thing on my mind
how can i repay so many endless, precious days?
you’re a gift to me!

it’s so bright still outside, but i’m caught in your eyes
i think of you and smile; i can’t keep this love inside me
everything you want, everything that you need
ask and receive

i’m so thankful a world that drew you to me
so i’ll make sure to show you, how good life can be

there’s parts of life that can’t be shared with just anyone else
so just for you alone, i’ve something special

how could i ever know?
how could i ever guess?
you’d be the greatest gift that i’d receive?
now with you in my arms, i want you even closer still
i don’t want you to ever leave!
it’s become all i know, my hands are shaking with glee
if my heart’s the lock, then your light is the key
take everything you want, everything you need
ask, and receive