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letra de your own kind of beautiful - stooshe


you say they talk behind your back
and now your confidence is gone
never let them see you cry
crack a smile and carry on

everybody wants to cut you up
so you fit into a little box
ain’t n-body’s business but your own
when you’re trying work with what you got
so let it go

shut up and don’t keep putting yourself down
(oh-hu-oh, oh-hu-oh, ohhh)
stand up and find your spotlight in the crowd
you’re a superstar
exactly how you are
you don’t have to try so hard
speak up, remember you can have it all
just be your own kind of beautiful

why can’t we appreciate
everyone feels they can rate
in magazine society

you can follow, or you can lead
which one would you rather be?
no one made it there by playing safe
we’re going down in history
so let it go


walk outside and it’s a sunny day
but in your eyes is like a hurricane
you got to face it now or run away
let it rain, yeah i say, let it rain


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