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letra de 0'11 till forever - stewartz


verse 1 (com mon)
it’s the morning wake and bake, i got that crawford shake and bake
you got that sponser as i’m twisting marijuana, why you always want to bother
i will call you up mannana, we could chill out when you h-rny
we could even cop a 40, look at poor you, i will pour you
can’t support you here in poverty, i gotta leave
shawty wants that new bag, that new bag is more than rent this week
and she wants a benz from me, said she dubbed her friends for me
said she missed my old ways, thought you loved me always
i just got that old soul, riding on the m.t.a
you can call it soul train
unlimited rides all day, 30 dollers, seven days
i could treat you different ways like a cup of hennessy
and it’s january third and i’m learning about these verbs
when they called me little nerd, yeah them comments hit my nerves
should of never f-ckin, could of been a politician
i’ve been told i’ll never get it, don’t you worry when i get it
you a sick -ssh0l- tryna blind me from the gate, you a stupid b-st-rd
tryna stop me from escape, i’m only one mile away
watch me run forrest gump
rollen in the trunk, smoking blunts, lighting doobies up uh