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letra de come to the isle of skye - steve mcdonald


will a man sell his soul
when a man wants to know
.memories are forever
will a man change his mind
hoping to find
.lost reality
all that you’ve been
and all you’ve become
can a man hope to last
not knowing his past
if he chooses to stay
will the world fade away
all that i know, is all that i know
and all that i know, is all i can show
and it hurts but it’s true
when you pray to the blue
and so you reveal, that nothing is real
nothing but you
i hear the past calling me
calling forever we’ll be… one family
will a man lose his mind
hoping to find
will a man lose his way
will he break down and pray
look for the questions
and the reasons why
look to the people look to the sky
look to the books look for the names
look for the pride
that flows in your veins
look to the loved ones,
where have they gone
they live on in memory
they live on in song
look with amazement
soon you will find
that the past is still real,
and it’s all in your mind