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letra de meet me in the alleyway - steve earle


“meet me in the alleyway”

i had a melancholy malady
went to see the doctor and the doctor say
too bad, nothin’ he could do
he knew a man in louisiana if i’m willin’ to pay
laid my money on the barrelhead

man behind the bar began to shimmy and shake
can’t lie, i reckoned i was dead
when he picked my money up and i heard him say
meet me in the alleyway minute to midnight
don’t be late meet me in the alleyway
better come runnin’ the spirits won’t wait
thirteen tiger teeth in my talisman
st. john the conqueror and a black cat bone
been seen walkin’ with the guardians
now i’m in the alley and i’m all alone
can’t run, can’t hide from destiny
knew this day was callin’ nearly all of my life
been done ain’t the only boy from tennessee
to carve his name in cypress with a jawbone knife

so you wanna be the king of america
say you wanna know the oracle’s mind
say you wanna see the marquesses of mardi gras
dancin’ with the devil at the end of the line

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