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letra de turn around - steps


i lie awake in the dark of the night
lost without you
why didn’t i try to put up a fight
for your love
my very soul was dyin’
why wasn’t i cryin’

turn around, turn around
turn around don’t walk away
turn around, turn around
don’t you leave me torn apart this way
your love means everything to me

turn around baby
turn around, turn around

i thank the heavens for sending you down
here to love me
my lonely world will stop turning around
with you gone
please don’t go
why did i leave unspoken
the words that have left me broken


now the nights don’t end
and the rain setsin
and i can’t pretend
i’ll be alright again
baby, noone in my arms
will ever feel the way you do
and you might be here for me to hold you
if i’d only told you…

i’m gonna find you
and this time you won’t get away
’cause baby i know exactly
what i’m gonna say