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letra de thorns & thistles - stephen the levite


it’s the worst when the work works against you, that’s the curse of adam, th-rns and thistles/ the work isn’t the curse it’s beneficial/ but the curse is what makes the work so difficult//

what does it mean to be the king/ have authority to reign and name created things/ even your queen, your teammate, equated in her being/ but given a role that’s different, both gifted a dream// sub supreme, none among them highеr in esteem/ even eagles in thе sky recognize the fly genes/ maybe that was satan’s motivation, he wanted the power that god gave him/ tried to manipulate to replace him// if only they realized what they had/ maybe they wouldn’t have betrayed, disobey their dad/ discontentment turn to resentment and attempt at ascension/ ending with the quickest eviction// but not without a full description of the consequences/ blending sorrow and hope of redemption/ if i could summarize adam’s curse/ creation rebels against man ’cause man rebelled first/ the lord’s trying to show us what it’s like to/ have authority over jawns trying to fight you// this is why when you’re grinding on your job/ you always find an obstacle to some kind of problem/ someone tried to call the murphy’s law/ like it hasn’t been adam since the day of the fall// the expectation stayed the same/ we’re called to produce fruit subdue terrain and reign/ the curse may have changed the game/ but the aim’s still represent his famous name// we see it best when our savior came/ he spoke peace to the sea and the waves obey him// that was a foretaste of the kingdom/ the power over the curse he brings them/ the curse he bore over his brow, figuratively/ they made the th-rns into a crown, literally// that’s why he died saying it’s finished/ he completed his work despite the resistance/ his life was the price of redemption/
he gives us grace and strength in our fighting against sin// but that’s because the redemption was cosmic/ the earth groans waiting to be made free from hostage/ this is why all work kind of depicts this/ by nature you’re bringing creation into submission// if you bring order where there is chaos/ or even destroy things to make room for the greater/ you inherit that sk!ll from your creator/ there’s common grace in the ways that we model our maker// so even though it’s tainted by our nature/ the imago dei is defaced but not eraced from/ our labor, and our days off, you should take some/ at least once a week, do nothing and stay home// cuz even the lord would step away to rest and pray/ and the father took off on the 7th day// enjoy your foretaste of the day when/ all forms of th-rns and thistles are done away with/ then we’ll praise him whom we reign with/ who’s straining earned us all eternal vacation//