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letra de cornucopia – stephen the levite



discontentment’s the trick of the enemy getting peeps to do anything
if it means they’ll fulfill their dreams give ’em things they’re convinced they need
it can turn men to thieves then indeed you can sense the greed
it can stink like the scent of weed if you steep in the stench you reek
some darker sisters think they’ll be seen when their skin is bleached
get a weave to get rid of kinks bigger cheeks better fill their jeans
others would switch with me if it means they can get a p-n-s
their squeezing their gifts in beaters all they see is…

what’s out there
they look at what they got and say that it’s not fair
they want what they don’t have and think that it’s god’s error
that it’s theirs, and it’s not rare
for them to have a gift you wish you had but it’s not cherished

gift implying it’s given from god and not an incision
some look at they’re temptations and say it ain’t a decision
they won’t say their a slave, but in ways they make it a prison
this is the way i’m made and there’s no escape so i live it
i will not be ashamed of my chains you hate i won’t listen
say you’re trying to save with archaic, ancient traditions
my way’s an abomination i don’t obey what is written
i say your interpretation’s for the pigeons you should stay…

out there
you look at what we are and say that we’re not heirs
he made us how we are you think that it’s god’s error
but it’s not fair, we get called weird but when injustice came you did not care

i can’t deny i don’t get you, but my desires are sinful
i would hide them like men do, exited silence torments you
shy but trying to live through, the lies my eyes like stick to
fantasize it’d be tight if my wife can do what they can do
when you get with a chick who’s existence isn’t through pixels
and you can’t switch the image the minute your stiffness dwindles
then you must come to grips when you bust through gripping your pistol
you’re ill equipped to give the vigor you’re meant to
when it’s spent…

out there
you look at what you got and say that it’s not fair
you want what you don’t have and think that it’s god’s error
that it’s yours, and it’s not rare, for you to have a gift they wish they had but it’s not cherished

it stated back when the lord put adam and eve the garden
and told him all this yours so take of it you’re in charge
but don’t eat from tree of knowledge of good and evil it’s off limits
and it comes with a cost that you can’t imagine be cautious
satan makes eve his target you can’t believe when he’s talking
he’s keeping you from your calling cause you can be just like god is
quickly eve has forgotten all she’s been given and forfeits
the word of the lord is sure he keeps his promise
now they’re kicked…

out there
she looked at what she had and said that it’s not fair
she wanted what she couldn’t have as if god erred
cause it’s hers, and it’s not rare, for you to have a gift they wish they had but it’s not cherished

bruh! we pick forbidden fruit over the cornucopia
the moral of them stories was, thank the lord cause you’re born with stuff
some things are for the struggle, he leaves us a moral comp-ss
to lead us informing us he is jesus and north is up
so quit ignoring what, you’ve been given for foreign junk
the familiar’s boring but when content there’s no more to covet
within the borders of his forgiveness and gorgeous love
we’re equipped with more than enough we don’t need more of what’s…

out there
we look at what we have and say that it’s not fair
he’s given us too much but still it gets compared
as if god erred, but it’s rare, so thanks giving us all up in my prayers