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letra de distant hearts - stephen castillo


[verse 1]
i know i messed up (oh no)
didn’t mean for things to get rough
i know that i was never enough
and now we’re all scared of love
real friends all left me
my arts all angsty
my mind’s so hefty
new problems build up like acne
i felt all the pain that i gave to you
i was busy drowned in pain that i ended up losing you

now i’m stuck in a cave
with no one here i won’t be saved
i don’t think i should be anyway
i need to be punished some sort of way
and now it seems that you’re done with me
and now my heart feels so empty
turns out everybody was waiting
and now i don’t know what to believe
and now my mind’s given up
i’m just too scared to trust new love

[verse 2]
i wake up sometimes hating myself (myself)
for all the times i said farewell (farewell)
and all of the times i made you overwhelmed (overwhelmed)
i think now i know how your heart felt (heart felt)
everybody looks at me differently (differently)
at least that’s how it seems (how it seems)
and now i question everything (everything)
when it comes to how i think

this last year i became a dark hole
of everything that made me feel so whole
i’ll admit that i’m an a-hole
even when i have full control

i could write a ballad (ballad)
of how much i store baggage (baggage)
but that is such a challenge (challenge)
when no one cares a d-mn bit (d-mn bit)

i’m not sure what to do
how to overcome feelings so blue

you had me stuttering
but most importantly
you taught me everything
so thank you for helping me

who knows what’s waiting down that road (i can’t breathe, i’m tumbling)
i just hope you find your own growth (i can’t breathe, i’m tumbling)

“at the end of the day, i was never truly mad at you. we learned that not all discoveries are littered with accommodating floors. you moved on. and so should i.”