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letra de not my fault - stellar firma


it’s not my fault; i wasn’t there at the time
you can’t prove that i did that crime
leave me be; oh, let me be free
no, no, wait, come back, don’t abandon me

everyone needs someone else to blame
ha ha!
that’s just a rule of life, this silly game
but if you try to point that finger here
i’ll hit you in the face, then disappear
it’s not my fault; that’s not one of my designs
i shouldn’t pay these unreasonable fines

give me pеace, and sweet releasе
wait, wait, where did you go? what about my needs?

i don’t know what about this is so dang hard
i just need all your love and all your regard

but i’ll never take, whoa, i’ll never take responsibility
it’s a perfectly sound ontology

it’s not my fault, oh it’s not my fault
it’s absolutely, positively
try it and things might get grizzly
one hundred percent, not my fault

[trexel gasping for breath]
[trexel, spoken: so…so what i’m saying is it’s not my fault. oh…oh, board!]