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letra de jack of speed - steely dan


teddy’s rolling now most every night
skatin’ backwards at the speed of light
he’s changed – in a thousand little ways
he’s changed – yes indeed
you know he’s movin’ on metal, yes he’s
hanging tight with the jack of speed

sheena’s party – there’s a case in point
that right-wing hooey sure stunk up the joint
he’s gone – he walks through the old routines
but he’s gone – guaranteed
he may be sittin’ in the kitchen, but he’s
steppin’ out with the jack of speed

you maybe got lucky for a few good years
but there’s no way back from there to here
he’s a one way rider
on the shriek express
and his new best friend is at the throttle more or less

he can’t hear you honey – that’s alright
pack some things and head up into the light
don’t stop – he’ll be callin’ out your name
but don’t stop when you hear him plead
you better move now little darlin’ or you’ll be
trading fours with the jack of speed