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letra de kill bill - ssg splurge


-glizzy whatchu cookin up?-

i’ma young n-gga that started from zero
now all the kids look up to me, i’m a hero
you can play that, that choppa sing on me like neo
used to bein round them sticks, i keep something on me-o
you can bring in a hunnid but i’an no cheap hoe
how the f-ck he a wolf? he a lion, he a leo
when i put on this goop i get high like a seagull
smokin’ za cuz sh-t come in a pack like doritos
ian have my hand down, n-gga i’ma stand down
bet i flew thru yo block, its a bunch of man down
i just hit her with goop, she came in a night gown
if i give em the work then they spinnin’ right now
i’m the king of this sh-t i’m just waiting on the crown
fell asleep on a b-tch and left her wait’in in the lounge
n-gga like me smoke ounce after ounce after ounce
i might bunch her down, then i might tell the b-tch bounce
from the trap to a mansion, get lost in my house
dont do talkin; we catch em, we hit em no doubt
all them rap songs n watchu talk’in bout: that’s cap
i got goop, this sh-t come off of me like its sap
and that choppa hit you that b-tch sound like a zap
when i come in the club all them hoes make it clap
you doin’ drug deals, you post all yo sh-t on a app
told the bro switch his phone cause them b-tches be tapped
catch them lil boys n send em to heaven
bet’ not catch em at 7-11, its over
with the beef, when it comes to this sh-t i’m corrupt
get into the bed, i can’t let sh-t interrupt
n-ggas know that we slide, we don’t give a f-ck
and you know that its us cause we hit out the truck
and we take this sh-t deeper than deep, ain’t enough
and these n-ggas don’t be in the street, n-gga bluff