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letra de babe ruth - ssg splurge


ain’t no jimmy choo, these hoes be crazy
wash these poles off baby
i done got paid and n-ggas got way too lazy
one eye closed, n-gga faded
n-ggas think with they d-cks, we bait ’em
trap got wheels on the bottom, come skate ’em
all with that goop sh-t, they thinkin’ i made it
he ain’t tryna stop, gotta shoot, he impatient
lil bro said chops his occupation
glock with a stock; don’t move, we face sh-t
i got top, made her move, she basic
i f-ck hood thots, couldn’t spray sh-t
cut the roof, we done cut the sp-ceship
pull up, shoot sh-t, form like tatum
i make a b-tch fly out to asia
that what she do, she let goop еxploit ’em
yeah, i tote glizzy insidе [?]
i get the chop, its flyin, debris
he scrollin’ down in a brown caprice
we used to rob and get pounds with yeezy’s
b-tches on they n-ggas sh-t
i done brought some perks inside of the party, them b-tches eatin’ ’em
i just bought some guns, they keep getting bigger, it look like we feedin’ em
foreign cars, foreign weed in ’em
.223, got one in it
breakin’ sh-t, we still leavin’ n-ggas
goop, i got popsicles
icicles, she on beans, she roll like bicycles
i ain’t nice, n-gga
get em wacked and do it polite then
thinkin’ i’m nice then
hop out, b-tch, like look at the price sh-t
i’ll get it right, sh-t
brought that b-tch in, she done washed the dishes, and did all the [?]
put the rod in, we done did some fishin’, they done did some diggin cause they dyin’
think you on some quick sh-t, he won’t move a smidgen, think i’m lyin’
i done pulled my bl!cky, now that boy look different, think its science
n-gga touch my riches, bet i get to trippin’, start a riot
drive that h-llcat like mitsubishi, that b-tch get to slidin’
coulda risked his sh-t on diamonds
take his wrist if he come ’round us
f-ck his b-tch if she come ’round me
split they sh-t and then keep countin’
yo chop hit, mine do to
think i’m babe ruth
icey tooth
i done iced the booth
think it shoot
bet’ not think its new