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letra de return to zero - splinter


we think you’re finding something better
hey now hey now it’s all the same
and now hey now when you wanna go
return to zero
we hear you’re finding something different
and you know now it’s all the same
and when you realized you f-cked up
and hey now you know you can’t
you won’t
return to zero
i don’t want your revolution
i don’t need the drugs you’re on
i don’t wanna be like you
or anything you own
i just want a better solution
want to find some other way out
i want to find the one who f-cked me here in the first place
pull me out
i’m being played for an -sshole
i’m be played for a fool
i’m being twice as f-cked up as i used to
i bet you never even knew
i bet you couldn’t figure out
you’re so f-cking stupid
to think that someone could get used to that
just when you thought it was safe to say i love you
just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water
return to zero
we are the weirdos