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letra de 0 baby - spike the dragon



oh baby… (4x)

[verse 1]

i’ve been chasing lots of faces
they’re amazing from my stasis
i’ve been careless, i’ve been brasive
i’ve been here inside my sp-ceship for a
while and i’m unsure, if i’m doing the right things
should i tune into my parents
or just ruin some nice things?
and it’s because of this confusion
i’ve been under the illusion
that i can fix this sh-t by using pipes and
brewing some nice dreams
and i’ve also been diluded
thinking you and all your beauty
and all your cuteness and all your… cooties
were truly all i need


[verse 2]

cause last year you caught me off guard
i started trying to talk soft
kept on sending messages but
you never respo-ond
had me drinkin’ stolen liquor
listening to soft god
had me puffing stolen drugs and
listening to pinkerton
itching against my fingertips
until my skin quits tingling
for a while i couldn’t even write lyrics
you had me lock-jawed
meanwhile all my friends are trying
so hard to be rock stars
must have impresses them when i said
you gave me a shot



when i’m out in the moonlight
looking up at the stars above
feels so good when i’m near you
in my mind, it’s real love
dreams of you, all the time
feels so good when we’re together, love
wanna be with you all my life
as a tide rolls in on us


i’m done with pressing keys, i’m done with pressing keys
i’m done with pressing keys, i’ll never get the words right