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letra de shutters - sparkle


(ooh) shutters

wanna act like you don’t see sh-t
don’t see the point in you existing
out here acting like you conscious
how this ain’t f-ckin’ with yo’ conscience

know it ain’t right you choose to think of it as left
i guess i gotta press the issue by myself
’cause all these suckers wanna focus on is wealth
the f-ckin’ cowards ’cause they focus on themselves
see we ain’t one and the same
i’m fighting for change but you’re not
what a shame
could’ve been a hero but you settle for the villain
i’ll make a way (yeah) anyway
god willin’ (god willin’)
don’t need your excuses
save your lies
i’m standin’ right in front of your face
you’re turning a blind eye
your silence speaks volumes
you want some sympathy
you’re in the wrong room
your innocence is shattered
just as guilty as the others
when you close the (ooh) shutters