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letra de i copped a decepticon foreign bitch u take da bus - spaceghostpurrp


run that back
my foreign look like a transformer
black money boyz deathrow, f-ck n-gga
a red foreign like a transformer
all these n-ggas tryna compete with me
yeah, you know y’all n-ggas boring
brand new foreign like a transformer
brand new foreign like a transformer

don’t save the b-tch, don’t transform her
don’t save the b-tch, can’t transform her
can’t save the b-tch, can’t transform-
can’t save a b-tch, can’t-
can’t save a b-tch, can’t trans-

why transform me a b-tch if i can go get a boss b-tch?
they’re already got it right, they’re already on my level
never try to transform a broke ass lil’ lame b-tch
stay up in your lane, b-tch
i’m swervin’ in the lane, b-tch, my foreign like a transformer
my sh-t like a transformer
decepticon, that-
decepticon, that transformer
yeah, my sh-t a transformer
decepticon, that, huh?
i call my foreign “decepticon”
bossed up, b-tch, i’m a don
real b-tches recognize, real n-ggas they respect
real n-ggas, fake b-tches hate
real n-ggas, that’s real sh-t
f-ck these f-ck n-ggas
fake n-ggas, f-ck them n-ggas
i k!ll all them f-ck n-ggas
and i’m keepin’ it trill, n-gga
real stick, we’re real n-gga
fake rock with fake, n-gga
and we k!llin’ them snake n-ggas
i can’t f-ck with no fake n-ggas
i’m slidin’ ’round’ with a foreign, ay
my foreign’s like a transformer
my sh-t is like a transformer
no autobot, my decepticon
these hoes be ’bout deception
can’t trust a b-tch, they deception
she mad ’cause she ain’t get accepted
you bitter, b-tch, just move on
this hoe mad ’cause i moved on
slidin’, homes
95, i’m slidin’
she give me dome
pretty b-tch, she give me dome, yuh

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