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letra de switches - southside hoodlum


yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

i put the switch on the glock
i put that hoe in your face
i put the heat on the street
i get it going in a day
i got blood on the sleeves
i pop pills ‘fore i sleep
i put some drank on my weed
i need head ‘fore i leave
i put my d-ck in her mouth
i made her [?] in your couch
i got my .40 a sub
[?] with a hundred, it sit in my truck
i made a hundred an doubled it up
i’m running this b-tch while i’m tired as f-ck
drunk off this henny, if you don’t duck, you’re f-cked
i’m in this b-tch [?]
we stomp and step on ’em all
(uhh, uhh, uhh)
b-tch in the winter my heater is tough
(uhh, uhh)
drank in my body, [?]
mob like i’m gotti, i’m cuttin’ you up
pop like an ollie, i’m poppin’ it up
(uhh, uhh)
b-tch [?] i did it [?] hit from the dentist
[?] ass boy, i spent it
[?] ass boy, i spent it
(uhh, uhh)
we spin the block when we get it
we spin the block when we get it
i got a “k” i drop the clip on my [?]
i shoot that b-tch i’m dumb
i go r-t-rded, i smoke that gas, right when i start it
i just sh-t on [?]
i put that coke in the water
i put that d-ck in your daughter
i serve the work, then went-in
i put the work in her panties
i got the soda, i’m handy
i [?] candy
i put the work in the baggie
i got the glock, i’m [?]
i eat that hoe like [?]
i break it down, down on your [?]
i say your hoe more like a [?]
i got the drank stuck in my bladder
yeah, yeah, yeah