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letra de i wrote this song - soundfreeks


ok, ok, hear me out
i wrote this song, and it’s not good, but it’s also not necessarily bad
also, i produced the beat, shoutout to me
ok, let’s go

(verse 1)
pull up on your mans, he smellin’ like yams
watchin’ me rap, all these beavers say “dam”
passed all my exams, i drive a sedan
i’m k!lling this beat, so b-tch call me sans

i’m stupid, presidential
i got bad t–th, i need dental
got my clothes on, it’s essential
i got a project in the works, confidential

ay, i’m in the yard today (grass)
ay, my neighbours watchin’ me (creepy)
ay, my clothes in the washing machine (washing machine)
ay, i’m mixing this beat so i put on delay

ooh, my girlfriend left me
ooh, i’m only 13 (and also i never had a girlfriend in the first place)
ooh, next year i’ll be 14
ooh, and then i’ll be 15
(verse 2)
this is the second verse
how can this get any worse?
i’m not a good nurse, so when i am done with you
you will end up in a he-rs-
ay, i put this beat in reverse
ay, this song is improv, i didn’t have time to rehe-rs-

man, writing this song was tricky
yuh, i be too thiccy like nikki
ay, my house is so bricky
why are my hands so sticky? (it’s ’cause you’ve been eatin’ honey)

(chorus x2)

(outro) (patrick carson and kiara dowson)
ay, ooh, aah (there’s a truck making loud noises)
ooh (i’m eating rice crispy treats)
ooh, rice crispy’s
ooh (i’m not in the song)
ooh, i sound like a scary ghost