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letra de stop kony - soulja boy


stop kony

kony, twenty-twelve

right now, there are more people on facebook
then there were on the planet 200 years ago

humanity’s greatest desire is to belong and
connect and now, we see each other

stop kony, stop kony
stop kony, stop kony

stop kony, man i can’t believe it’s going down.
from my town, to your town, they’re taking kids
turn em into soldier,
put a gun in his hand
and his life is over
it’s getting so crazy
gonna take it over
we gonna stop kony it’s 20 over
it’s twenty-twelve, ten summers
kidnap a kid, take him to the jungle.
ak-47 and he can he never
never seen his daddy, never seen his momma,
make this his history
all you gotta do is believe
soulja boy i tell’em
tattooed my sleeve
s. o. d. m. g

(has new rules. the next 27 minutes are an experiment)

stop kony, stop kony
stop kony, stop kony

we can do it, yall.
stop kony
before it’s too late

(i can hear him)

every single person in the world started this way.
he didn’t choose where or when he was born.

this your boy, soulja boy.

but because he’s here he matters.

only you can do it
stop kony, twenty-twelve.

my name is jason russel
and this is my son, gavin.
he loves jumping on the trampoline

stop kony

what do you think we should do about it?
we should stop him

we should stop who?
it’s obvious that kony should be stoppped.
the problem is that 99% of the planet doesn’t know who he is.


if they knew, kony would have been stopped long ago.


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