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letra de the darkest gate - sortout


disdain words
dyes your liar tongue
the darkest gate’s open
i have seen this vision
rewrote poems
a trip through bitter irony
you sold your soul
for a ride with the devil’s sl-t

so far away
from my warning
believe me your dreams
are painted black

believe me i tried it
to show it so many times
it’s hard to forget it
to watch it let you go
one moment in lifetime
but i had no idea
that sorrow will remain
because i let you go
forgive me now

and now i come home
home is a place
where my heart can stay
you show me how i never want to be
being myself was never enough
enough to return your broken soul

this is not the time
forgiveness must wait for me
cause i will never forget
my life, my love
dead and gone
i still breath the air that we’ve lost