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letra de home is love - soncier


i give it love and respect
i am grateful for my home
i take pride in mastering my beautiful sp-ce

i took time to see what i need
i give love and respect for me
if i respect and i come correct
you want to know what’s next
i’m so glad i’m free
the home is love and we know what’s up
love is home and come stay with us
i’m thankful and
let’s take a stand
i’m grateful and
okay that’s a plus

i give my love and respect from me to you
what’s inside of me is inside of you
i treat everybody with the love i know
i’m grateful for you and me
i’m in a happy mood
yeah yeah
happy mood
yeah yeah
i’m happy mood
yeah yeah
your home is love. your home is clean
your home is healthy. family is where love is. always remember that. home is love

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