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letra de crown - soga


[verse 1]
i know there’s a crown for the taking
so i’m hustling, grinding, and slaving
different balling to get off the pavement
tryna take it to the top’s what i’m saying
on the move
member ac’in like i had loose screws
member rocking fake canada goose
went from tryna fit in, to tryna stand out
to trying not to try anything, and be pure
white as coke and them polos we wore
they calling him real, even though he a fraud
cause he stay in them streets, chasing after wars
i stay in the lab, like i’m writing reports
spitting heat but i ain’t got grill yet
pass the torch, ‘fore i come and steal that
‘f i release, i give em dead beats
it’s no wonder my sons always stay mad

[verse 2]
we all tryna be sum, now i’m tryna be different
never outta commission
now i tend to feel guilty, when i just be chilling
cause i’m filled with ambition
why i choose not to fit in with the so called misfits
i just tend to my business
this the start of my run, and the start of they crisis
always identity shifting
just listen
and you’ll start to understand me
love my art in my heart so ion need a grammy
getting fancy
getting drip and i don’t really care if them boys don’t stamp me
too crafty
always out the box with my tools, like my first name manny
get ocky, get ocky
eating good now i’m tryna get ocky
[verse 3]
couldn’t take the wok- to poland
so i sat down, and i made the product more potent
really had to stop-, and get refocused
was down for a minute, staring at the crown
now i’m tryna own it
i’m my greatest opponent
and i’m better than ever, starting up the engine
ion need no towing
starting from the bottom is always exhilarating
ask the goats, they know this
and i’m tryna get bigger than baymax, save the 6
stay humble and patient
with my fam to the end, with my guys to the end
like our bonds covalent

[verse 4]
tryna get a couple trophies on my shelf
going ghost wun’t always the best
but i had to block out the noise, and cut off some people
to focus on stacking up the wealth
they thinking it’s funny it’s fine
we’ll see where we at in a year or two (ahaa)
gotta respect my grind |
even if you don’t like the energy i’m giving you
greatest things get made under pressure
through terrible times, just think about diamonds
what they thinking is real, what they thinking is hard
ima go and redefine it
coming for the throne like i’m scar
better rock with the east end’s finest
put an x on the a cause i found plan b
but i’m always on the same timing

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