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letra de my girl (keith) - snug


my girl’s got a really big forehead
my girl’s only got four toes
she knows i’m as good as she’ll get
she always knows
my girl’s got a shiny tuxedo
she frowns every time i smile
she knows that she’ll always be there though
she always knows
she’s got a motor car
she knows it can go fast
it drives remote control
she’s too slow
my friends say she’s got a great hairpiece
he says she’s a waste of time
she says that her name is clarice
i don’t mind
my girl says that i should get out more
i spend too much time alone
i’ve marred her precious ego
half of which is silicone
my life’s got a bad sense of humour
my girl’s got a mouth full of teeth
she smiles every time i go near her
my name is keith
my name is keith
my name is keith
my name is keith