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letra de 07093 - slippy acid


b-tch i’m from west new york
all these b-tches f-cking thotties
bet they f-cked your homie
bet i f-cked your shawty
all my friends are dead rip my n-gga benjamin

louis on my waist can’t f-ck with these f-cking hoes
nah b-tch i don’t want that face yo sh-t make me f-cking ache
30 b-tches want my sh-t
but you ain’t getting it rather f-ck a dyk- ride my d-ck like a bike
feeling like a rockstar feeling like a king
b-tch get on ya knees suck me till i bleed
while i’m sipping on codeine
yeah your b-tch she a fiend

yo b-tch call me pretty yeah i like that i like that
choppa with no scope yeah i like that i like that
bend yo b-tch over like a slope yeah she like that she like that