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letra de recline time - slim guerilla


good morning
good morning to you all
suckas, busters, and motherf-ckers
you feel me, y’all relate to me
can’t talk down to a g
you feel me

too cool for this sh-t, too cool for the game
b-tch i’m a passion playa n-gga, i am not f-cking lame
b-tch it’s sg rilla mane, pass me my orange juice
man i’m just chilling in the booth, man i do what i do
b-tch i’m a h-town player, b-tch i’m a h-town g
what you know about me, tv screens, all of my sheep
cause i’m too player for b-tches, too player for suckers
gave nothing but pure love to the camp and my brothers
now how the h-ll can you talk down to a straight g
bet i’d k!ll your whole outfit in an all white tee
lil shawty want to slide, now it’s fine by me
but i’ma teach you a few things before you ass touch me
matter of fact, throw me them keys, baby roll up that weed
sit back and relax, and go reclining your seat
cause this is passion playa sh-t, go and put on repeat
passion sh-t, go and put on repeat
crying and sh-t cause you ain’t grinding this hard
so you’re throwing salt on the game
b-tching and crying because my style is hard
throwing salt on my name
b-tching and crying because your style is bald
you need to stay in your lane
you’re b-tching and crying because your style is bald
keep your head in the game

keep your head in the game, stay in your lane
and you will be alright, you feel me
passion playa that, worldwide
8 ball on a b-tch